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Quickly determine what is working and what is not. We offer business optimization solutions for various aspects of operations, sales, marketing and customer service functions. Our business optimization services streamline your business workflows resulting in optimized employee efficiency, reduced cost, improved agility and enhanced customer service.

It can often be difficult to recognize process inefficiencies or identify improvement opportunities when you are multi-tasking and faced with a heavy workload. Apply our diverse small business experience and process optimization knowledge to improve your business operations. We can perform business operations assessments, document your existing work processes, or design and optimize your business workflows.

About Our Business Optimization

business-optimization-icon-smBusiness Operations Assessment

Are all aspects of your business operations contributing to your success? Ineffective business processes and inefficient departmental workflows raise operating cost and reduce profitability for many small businesses. DANR Consulting provides business operations assessments that evaluate your existing work processes, identify potential improvement areas and recommend prioritized solutions to increase efficiency. As a consultant, we provide an objective analysis and can leverage our diverse experience with various business processes to offer innovative suggestions.

business-optimization-icon-smWork Process Documentation

Are your work processes documented? If not, as your business grows, inconsistencies and slow responsiveness may result in lower customer satisfaction. Employees may also become frustrated by loosely defined task and lack of clarity resulting in high turnover rates and poor performance. DANR Consulting can help by documenting your existing work processes and procedures so that employees have a clear understanding of their responsibilities every time they perform a job function.

business-optimization-icon-smBusiness Workflow Design and Optimization

Are you uncertain of the best approach to a particular work process? Do you not have extra time available to design workflows because you are focused on sales efforts and daily business management responsibilities? These are common challenges for small business owners and our business workflow design and optimization solutions are intended to provide relief. We discuss your objectives and then design an optimized workflow that meets your business needs in the most efficient way.

Let us optimize your business processes now!

We assess, document and design business workflows that reduce cost, increase efficiency and enable your long-term business success.

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