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Are your business forms, reports, presentations, marketing materials and customer documents easy to use? Do they reflect an image that accurately represents your business? Do you spend too much time developing documents? Small businesses are limited on resources and cannot afford to spend more time than necessary. DANR Consulting designs business templates that improve usability and maximize re-usable information. We work to understand your business and develop materials that accurately represent your brand.

Our business template solutions cover diverse operational areas including planning, reporting, utilization management, metrics and budget management. We also offer templates for a wide range of functions such as project management, program management, product management, operational management, sales and marketing.

About Our Business Templates

busienss-templates-icon-smBusiness Forms and Reports

From spreadsheets for budget planning or employee utilization to monthly business analysis reports for key stakeholders, there are many documents required for operating your business. DANR Consulting can quickly develop custom documents that meet your business needs removing that task from your already busy schedule. The end result will be robust, user friendly operational documents that improve your organizational efficiency.

busienss-templates-icon-smPresentation Templates

Even with the rise of videos and other multi-media forms of marketing, presentations remain a staple for many businesses. They can be used for many diverse purposes such as presenting at an industry event, one-on-one sales calls, introducing your company to investment groups, etc. The content will shift based on the specific purpose, but the template layout and design should be relatively consistent. You might want to tweak the presentation styles to establish credibility with different customer markets you serve? DANR Consulting can create presentation templates that enable efficient presentation development, support your business brand and convey the image that you desire for your business.

busienss-templates-icon-smSales and Marketing Documents

Do you have several different versions of case studies or brochures? Our marketing templates bring consistency to the development of key marketing materials, increase their effectiveness and reduce the time it takes for you to create them. If your sales account strategies are not documented, let us create a simple form that will have you improving your ability to plan and document account pursuits. DANR Consulting has broad sales and marketing experience and can help you develop templates that work for your organization.

busienss-templates-icon-smCustomer Reports

Many small businesses have the responsibility to provide reports to customers on a regular basis. This is common if you offer project or program management services in particular. DANR Consulting can build reports that ensure your business provides a consistent look and feel regardless of who is completing the report. Our report designs will reinforce your branding and present a professional image to your customers.

Let us streamline your business documentation!

DANR Consulting will deliver customized templates that bring efficiency and consistency to your business documents.

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