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As a small business owner sometimes you may feel like you are on an island by yourself. When business challenges have you searching for answers, would you like to be able to call someone to talk things over, generate some fresh ideas, and get things back on track? DANR offers general strategic consulting services designed for exactly this purpose.

Whether you prefer brief sessions focused on discuss and solving a particular business issue, general advisory services or brainstorming sessions, our general strategic consulting services are flexible and can be shaped to fit your specific needs optimizing the value for your investment. What makes us unique? We listen and observe first to understand your particular business situation before we start talking. We also recognize the organizational resource and working capital constraints that many small businesses face so we seldom recommend solutions that require a large investment. Instead we focus on making strategy, organizational and work process changes to address your business issues.

About Our General Strategic Consulting Services

business-consulting-icon-smIndividual Business Issue Problem Solving

Is a specific business issue costing you customers, profits or organizational efficiency? If you are struggling to find the time to resolve the issue, or haven’t found an adequate solution, then our individual business issue problem solving can help. DANR Consulting will work with you to understand and define your root cause business challenge, then investigate options and recommend solutions. We do the leg work identifying the pros and cons of options, offering our recommendations and enabling you to make an informed decision on how to best solve your business challenge.

business-consulting-icon-smGeneral Advisory Services

Your small business may not have reached the size yet to have a sustained management team. As a result much or all of the decision-making may fall on your shoulders. From time to time you might desire input, ideas or suggestions from someone else with management and leadership experience. Our general advisory services are intended to provide advice and support to small business leaders. We offer the flexibility to manage the frequency and style of these sessions so that it is a low cost, high value option that can deliver results to your business.

business-consulting-icon-smBrainstorming Session Leadership

Do you want to generate some new business growth ideas? Are you looking to add products or services to your solutions but aren’t sure which ones? Are you wanting to enhance your existing product but aren’t sure what technical features need to be prioritized? If you answered yes to any of these, DANR Consulting can lead brainstorming sessions to help identify options. We can both facilitate and participate in brainstorming sessions that help you quickly identify the right paths forward to build your business.

business-consulting-icon-smCustomer and Market Surveys

It is important for every business to understand how it is perceived by customers and prospects. DANR Consulting will design, coordinate and manage customer surveys that get to the heart of how your business is viewed by those whose opinions matter the most. If you want to better understand markets that you are considering as a target or if you want to gain more knowledge of an existing customer market, we can also perform market surveys and analysis. We consolidate the results from all of our surveys and analysis efforts into meaningful reports or presentations that will help you make effective business decisions moving forward.

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