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The foundation of a strong business and a key factor in achieving realistic, manageable growth is a comprehensive strategic business plan. DANR Consulting develops plans which define your business strategies and provide a well-constructed roadmap to success. We address all aspects of your business in our plans including competitive analysis, market assessments, growth potential evaluations and prioritization as well as operational, sales and marketing strategies.

Whether you are just getting your business started or have an existing business and want to achieve higher growth rates, our strategic business planning services provide a documented business plan to strengthen and reinforce your company vision.

About Our Strategic Business Plans

business-optimization1-icon-smComprehensive Strategic Business Plan Development

Successful long-term and sustainable business growth is neither haphazard nor random but instead based on well-conceived strategies and thorough planning. Good business plans define your business vision, establish realistic and measurable goals, and detail strategy for all key areas of your business. DANR Consulting employs a detailed and comprehensive approach addressing organizational, business operations, financial, sales and marketing requirements and strategies that will enable you to maximize business growth.

business-optimization1-icon-smIndividual Operational, Sales or Marketing Strategy Development

Maybe you are struggling with one component of your business organization? Deficiencies in business operations, sales or marketing can prevent you from succeeding in meeting growth objectives or achieving your overall business goals. At DANR Consulting, we can focus on detailed strategic and tactical plans within these key departmental areas to address challenges, improve employee efficiency and increase profitability.

business-optimization1-icon-smAssessment of Existing Plans

Did you create a business plan when you started your business? Have you recently reviewed and adjusted it? Business plans are evergreen documents that should be regularly reviewed and updated to maximize effectiveness. DANR Consulting is an objective third-party available to review existing business and departmental strategic and tactical plans recommending improvements to enhance growth, reduce inefficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

business-optimization1-icon-smIndividual Product or Service Marketing Plans

If your growth strategy includes adding new products or services, do you have an effective rollout plan? A complete marketing plan developed for the rollout of new products or services is vital to achieving your return-on-investment. Creating compelling messaging that highlights the features, advantages and benefits of your new solutions in terms that prospective customers identify with is essential. DANR Consulting has extensive experience with both new and enhanced product and service marketing plans to help drive early adoption and promote sales.

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We create comprehensive business, departmental and marketing plans that deliver maximum growth.

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DANR Consulting uses a comprehensive business plan table of contents as the starting point for developing customer business plans. Adjustments are made to the business plan content based on your unique business needs.

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