Control System Migration Book Interview

Chemical Processing Magazine Interviews Author Daniel Roessler

My new book, Control System Migrations: A Practical Project Management Handbook has been highlighted by Chemical Processing with a Q&A Podcast. The podcast is roughly twelve minutes in duration.

Chemical Processing Magazine and the corresponding website is an industry leading information center for those involved in the chemical industry. The interview was conducted by Chemical Processing's Senior Digital Editor, Traci Purdum. In the interview Roessler, the author and also the founder and principal consultant of DANR Consulting, provides insight into the motivations for writing the book, some of the key project management and control system migration concepts identified in the handbook, and how users can benefit from the book.

Roessler said of the podcast, "It was a privilege that Chemical Processing acknowledged the value of my book to their subscribers by...

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Project Management Book Release Makes UT Austin News

Control System Migrations: A Practical Project Management Handbook Highlighted By UT

My new book, Control System Migrations: A Practical Project Management Handbook has been highlighted by the University of Texas at Austin's Electrical Engineering Department with an announcement in the departmental website industry news section. As a proud UT Austin Alum, it is exciting to have my accomplishment acknowledged by the university.

This project management book is a unique combination of both technical details and practical guidance. Written for all of those involved in control system migration projects, it outlines a process that begins with project justification and follows the project through closeout and lifecycle management. Anecdotes and realistic examples are used throughout the book to help provide context to key project management concepts.

As a result of the success of the book, DANR Consulting is now offering seminars on control system migration project management concepts from the book....

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Social Media Oversaturation

Is Social Media Still An Effective Marketing Strategy?

What makes a marketing campaign successful? Great content? Memorable tag lines? Great photos or strategic color usage? It is a combination of all of these things and more including the method of delivery. The way that a message is delivered needs to grab the attention of the intended audience. Maybe the delivery method is an ad placement in a trade magazine, a billboard sign, an email campaign, or a social media presence. The problem is that when any of these methods become commonplace, they become less effective. As more and more companies have spent significant marketing dollars on social media, the platform has become less effective. Has it reached the point of oversaturation?

Take email campaigns as an example. They were the star marketing approach a few years ago. Unfortunately as inboxes became inundated, fewer and fewer of these emails were read. While this...

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